The design of PyAlaOCL is due to various rationales.

Why PyAlaOCL?

While the OCL specification corresponds to a rather a cool language, not so many implementation exists. Currently OCL is mostly available as: * standalone tools, such as USE OCL * OCL variants or subsets embedded in high level languages such as model transformation languages such as ATL * OCL interpreters in java environments, most notably OCL Eclipse

We are not aware of any implementation in the context of python. Hence PyAlaOCL...

What is PyAlaOCL?

PyAlaOCL is not an interpreter of the OCL language implemented in the python language. It is best described as the implementation of the OCL library for python programmers allowing them to write à la OCL expressions. While the syntax of OCL is not supported, the expressions writen using python syntax are quite close.


PyAlaOCL is developed with the following rationales in mind:

  • simplicity : Developing
  • python integration : the goal is to provided a